Thank God for His Work in Nigeria

"Describe the overall condition of the church in Nigeria. Be honest without sounding overly critical." I read these words a few weeks ago and haven't been able to forget them. This is because it is normal to depict the state of Christianity in Nigeria in a bad light (especially if one says one is Reformed).... Continue Reading →

Hoping Against Hope in Nigeria

Today, our leaders pass out when asked to answer for their unscrupulous activities. They throw bants at each other on national television, boasting about the extent of their power, while their subjects painfully watch their ostentatious displays on empty stomachs. Tens (or maybe even hundreds) lose their lives daily to clashes with ethnic and religious... Continue Reading →

Is It Right Because It Works?

  I recently wrote an article about my experience with the prosperity gospel. While writing that article, several thoughts came to my mind. Is it okay to condemn a movement simply because it didn't work for me? Would I embrace an idea because I have seen it work for others? Are results the only litmus... Continue Reading →

The Gospel I Knew

The prosperity gospel has reshaped Christianity in Nigeria. It rode off the back of Pentecostalism and was introduced largely through the ministry of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who many (rightly) describe as the father of the prosperity gospel in Africa. Idahosa laid the framework for what Conrad Mbewe calls the "Nigerian religious junk" that... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Nigeria

Dear Father, Today we go out to vote in another President and the Members of Parliament. Thank you, Father God, for your mercy over Nigeria. Thank you for granting us as a country the privilege to democratically elect another set of leaders. Thank you for the current tenure which is gradually coming to an end.... Continue Reading →

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