Dear Christian, Watch Your Diet

Good nutrition is essential if one desires a healthy lifestyle. Combined with regular physical activity, dieting can be a major health boost. It helps with weight loss and promotes overall health. It is good for Christians to be conscious of what they eat and how they eat—their bodies are temples and must be properly taken... Continue Reading →

Moses Teaches Us Not to Forget

I am somewhat of a forgetful person. If you want me to remember something you’re currently telling me a year from now, then you must tell me twice. Or maybe even thrice. Once would almost never do. I may remember you saying you were going to travel, but forget where exactly you said you were... Continue Reading →

The Church Boy Who Needed Salvation

A few months ago, I got baptized at Trinity Baptist Church, Abuja. One of the requirements for the exercise was that I shared my testimony with my pastor beforehand. This afforded me the opportunity to write out my testimony for the first time. Below is a slightly modified version of the testimony I shared with... Continue Reading →

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