An Old Cure for an Old Illness

We're a number of days into 2021, and it seems as though nothing has changed. Truth be told, nothing changed. Nothing ever changed with a transition to any new year. But the usual enthusiasm that accompanies the coming of a new year seems to be lacking in this new year. I will blame this on... Continue Reading →

Hoping Against Hope in Nigeria

Today, our leaders pass out when asked to answer for their unscrupulous activities. They throw bants at each other on national television, boasting about the extent of their power, while their subjects painfully watch their ostentatious displays on empty stomachs. Tens (or maybe even hundreds) lose their lives daily to clashes with ethnic and religious... Continue Reading →

Doubts and Poisons

Poison. That's how a friend recently described my new "convictions." I had given him answers to some questions and he disagreed with them. A few years back we would have provided the same answers to those questions. But today my answers do not agree with his Charismatic theology. And he called it poison. I remember... Continue Reading →

Trusting God During a Pandemic

I have nothing new to say about the coronavirus. Countless of resources have been released by people more knowledgeable about the pandemic than myself. So I won't be sharing deep insights that somehow managed to have escaped their brilliant minds. I started writing this post because I was recently made to think more about the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Fears

While most people talk about new year goals and resolutions, very few ever talk about new year fears. Maybe the air that accompanies the new year is so thick with optimism that it allows no space for fears or worries, or maybe there are no fears at all. But I have goals and I have... Continue Reading →

Moving On…

Moving on, I'm content with knowing that I am not a victim of chance, and that a Sovereign God is ordering my steps in his Providence. I may not be where I want to be, but I know that I'm where I'm meant to be.

A Quick Update

Sometime in November last year, I began thinking about starting this blog. In December I spent time asking questions on blogging and learning about how to blog. Many hours were spent reading articles which taught some of the tricks of the trade. And those hours paid off. And though I am yet to make use... Continue Reading →

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