Life at Trinity: One Year Later

"Suffering is an indispensable part of church planting," Barry King said in the first session of his 12 Questions About Church Planting online course. That statement probably stuck with me more than any other thing he said that day. This is probably because I am part of a church plant (read initial post about my... Continue Reading →

Satan is Subtle and Modest

Many of Satan's suggestions would sound egregious to the Christian who is consciously seeking to obey God's will. So he comes subtly. Never asking for too much at one time. He does this so well that many fall for his wiles, before ever realizing how far they have gone. In the Puritan Classic, The Christian... Continue Reading →

Battling Discouragement

In seasons of much blessings and strength, my friend would often say, "The Christian life is sweet!" Those are the seasons when things don't seem so bad. When he can maintain his habit of daily Bible reading and prayer. When he enjoys the fellowship of the saints so much that his heart would almost burst... Continue Reading →

Great Quotes from E.M. Bounds

The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer is largely considered a classic in many Christian circles. I have been slowly making my way through his complete works on prayer, and I found his writings both refreshing and convicting. Here are some great quotes drawn from The Necessity of Prayer. I hope they bless you... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Weakness

We should never overestimate our strengths or underestimate our weaknesses. In reality, we all are weak men and women. Imperfect creatures. Frail and in need of help. Let us never think too highly of ourselves, and we would see God using our weaknesses for his glory.

Praying With Desire

Do we really desire answers to the prayers that we bring before God? Too often the answer to that question is that we don't. Many times we pray because it's the Christian thing to do. Or because it feels right. Perhaps that lack of desire in our praying is the cause of our weakness in... Continue Reading →

King Solomon’s Unholy Wife

There is always the desire among Christians to know God's will. But I wonder if we have emphasized "knowing" God's will at the expense of "doing" God's will. There is a difference between knowing God's will and actually doing it. It is one thing for a man or woman to know what God requires and... Continue Reading →

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