Brief Introduction

I’m Eleazar Maduka. I’m a young Christian who currently resides in Kaduna, Nigeria. I started blogging a couple of years back, before even getting to fully understand what I was doing. After writing randomly for years, I decided to delete the blog.

What really characterized my first blog was massive inconsistency and sheer ignorance as regarding many of the technicalities of blogging. But one benefit of that first blog was that it got me to write. And my writing got better over time (and still gets better).

What I Believe

I grew up not liking classifications. And I frequently lamented about the several divisions that I believed existed in the Body. But growing up in the faith exposed me to truths, half-truths and lies. Now I cherish clarity (and I try my best to be clear) when traversing theological waters.

I am a Christian who affirms the deity of Christ and believes that He is my Savior. I am Protestant and I affirm the five solas of the Reformation. I am Reforming (a process rather than a position). This means that I am currently embracing the doctrines of grace often termed as Calvinism.

Why Start Another Blog?

One of the major reasons (there are quite a number of them) why I stopped blogging altogether was the process that I was going through at the time. After embracing a particular view of God and life for so long, my thinking was mostly chaotic as I began to embrace the doctrines of grace. Writing clearly was difficult and I always had to read certain posts I wrote in the past that I stopped agreeing with. I prayed during that season and felt led to stop, then I proceeded to delete the site. I never really intended to start again. There was no resumption date for me.

But I saw the need to share my journey and also utilize a gift, so I decided to start again. This time I have a purpose. I want to share my view of the world as I pursue truth. This view, I believe, is firmly rooted in Scriptures. We might disagree a lot. I hope we do. But I pray that we all get back to Scriptures to make our affirmations and denials.

Thank you!

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