10 Quotes from The Essentials of Prayer

I recently read The Essentials of Prayer from the complete works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer. As I grow in my walk with the Lord, the importance of prayer in the Christian life becomes more apparent to me. Today, I will be sharing 10 quotes that caught my attention as I read The Essentials of Prayer. I hope they bless you in some way!

“Prayer in the time of trouble tends to bring the spirit into perfect subjection to the will of God, to cause the will to be conformed to God’s will, and cease from all murmurings over our lot, and delivers from everything like a rebellious heart or a spirit critical of the Lord.

“Trouble proves a blessing or a curse, just according as it is received and treated by us. It either softens or hardens us. It either draws us to prayer and to God or it drives us from God and from the closet.”

“The murmurers are ungrateful people. Appreciative men and women have neither the time nor disposition to stop and complain.”

“A soul devoted to God is a fervent soul, and prayer is the creature of that flame. He only can truly pray who is aglow for holiness, for God, and for heaven.”

“To be too busy with God’s work to commune with God, to be busy with doing church work without taking time to talk to God about His work, is the highway to backsliding and many people have walked therein to the hurt of their immortal souls.”

“It may be stated as an axiom; that the work of God fails as a general rule, more for the lack of grace, than for the want of gifts.”

“Without much prayer, a life of holiness will breakdown. Holy people are praying people. Holiness of heart and life puts people to pray.”

“He who has no eyes to see the exceeding sinfulness of sin, the wants and woes of humanity, will never have compassion for humanity.”

“Blessed is that church who has praying leaders, who can see that which is disorderly in the church, who are grieved about it, and who put forth their hands to correct the evils which harm God’s cause as a weight to its progress.”

“Money is important, but money without prayer is powerless in the face of the darkness, the wretchedness and the sin in unchristianized lands.”

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