Moving On…

A few weeks ago I wrote about a major life update. This is basically the follow-up post to my previous post. I should have posted this a few days ago, but, to be honest, writing anything in the past few days has been surprisingly difficult.

My anticipated 12-hour journey did not go as planned. It was a 17-hour one. And from the day I arrived at the NYSC Orientation Camp, up until the 15th of April (when the NYSC Orientation Course ended), I literally had little rest. Add to that the unfortunate fact that I was constantly in and out of the camp clinic due to a chronic cough, and you can imagine that I really didn’t have a great time. Frankly, it was an experience that I would never, ever want to live through again. Ever. And, thankfully, I won’t. It’s a once in a lifetime thing.

I spent 21 days at the orientation camp in Iseyin, a local government area in Oyo State, South Western Nigeria. Prior to the printing of my call-up letter, I already wanted to serve in Plateau State. I began corresponding with Daniel Olushola a few months back and became interested in being part of the work he is currently doing in Jos, the state capital. My heart was set upon Plateau. I talked about it. I dreamt about it. I even planned towards it. But nothing worked out as planned.

I was posted to serve in Oyo State. No one puts up a struggle after being mobilized and receiving their call-up letter. It’s a fixed thing. You either report for the Orientation Course (and apply for relocation while in camp), or you ignore it and wait to be mobilized with the next batch.

My call-up letter read Oyo State. So I had to travel for 17 hours from Kaduna to Iseyin, Oyo State. But all hope was not lost. I planned to attempt relocating while in camp. And when I got to camp, I tried to relocate to Plateau State. But I was transferred to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, instead. No Plateau State. No Daniel Olushola. Plans shattered.

Maybe a year or two from now I’ll be able to say, “God had a different plan all along! It’s so clear now. I’m so glad I was never posted to Plateau State.” Or not. Maybe I’ll still run away from Abuja after I complete my service year. But, right now, I’m content with knowing that I am not a victim of chance, and that a Sovereign God is ordering my steps in his Providence. I may not be where I want to be, but I know that I’m where I’m meant to be.

In a few days I’ll be leaving Kaduna for Abuja. And when I get there, I’ll be assigned a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where I’ll serve for the remaining 11 months left in the service year. I honestly would prefer another week or two at home (it really feels good to get enough sleep, something I have missed so much), but I’m working with a government imposed deadline. Failure to report within the stipulated time frame will attract some form of penalty.

After much thought, I figured that I’d be okay with posting something on the blog at least once a week. Planning for something more than that right now may prove to be disastrous. I’m yet to be settled in Abuja. Yet to get a place to lay my head. Yet to get a PPA. So, yes, I think once a week will be just fine.

Moving on, I’m hoping for an exciting year ahead.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health, camp can be very harsh. I’m sure he has a plan, he always does. The Joy of the Lord is your strength my brother.


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