A Quick Update

Sometime in November last year, I began thinking about starting this blog. In December I spent time asking questions on blogging and learning about how to blog. Many hours were spent reading articles which taught some of the tricks of the trade. And those hours paid off. And though I am yet to make use of all that I learned (or even fully understand them), the little that I have successfully employed have been very helpful.

Quite a number of tips I found on many articles on blogging were regarding the importance of consistency. Have an editorial calendar. Let your readers know when to expect new articles. Create a routine on your blog and stick to it. And everything sounded nice and easy until I started. Having read quite a number of books on productivity, I knew what to do (at least in theory): use time blocks; adopt the Pomodoro Technique; use this app (or that app) to improve your workflow. In practice, however, I failed too often.

The same techniques that I had successfully applied in my final year in school (which was just last year) became difficult to implement. It was supposed to be easy. And it was for a while after I started blogging in January. In the last week in January, I traveled for a week to conclude a compulsory clearance exercise for fresh graduates from my Alma Mater. I still managed to post articles weekly. Until March. I started working a second job. Then my health began to deteriorate. I realized I was taking too much on at a time and I had to pay closer attention to my health.

As I write this post, I have stopped working both jobs. As a matter of fact, in just a few hours I’ll be making a 12-hour journey (give or take a few hours) by road to another city in a different state for a compulsory 21 days orientation camping program. (This is part of the National Youth Service Corps scheme meant to last a complete year; Nigerian graduates get to serve their country in various capacities, usually in states that they have not previously visited or lived in.)

In a few weeks I’ll have a new job which is meant to last a year. In a different city. Possibly in a different field from my course of study. I have little or no control over the type of job I’ll be assigned to do or even my future employer. It’s all going to be determined through some random selection process by those in charge of the scheme (that’s what we’re told, at least).

Moving on, I hope to settle down and get around to building a routine for this blog (and sticking to it, too). It’s not going to be easy at all. It’s going to be difficult. Moving and settling into a different or new environment is never easy. I intend to do the best I can to return to writing regularly.

I pray that the next few weeks will be beautiful. In the meantime, I’ll need prayers. The next few weeks will be big, but I’ll drop an article every now and then.

It’s almost time to hit the road…

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  1. Eleazar, I thank God for your posts. I’ve been tremendously blessed by them, more grace! I wish you a beautiful service year and pray that God will be glorified in it every single day. Looking forward to more posts!


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